Endorsements and Distinctions

"SSEU Local 371 is proud to endorse Mathylde Frontus for the 46th Assembly District. Our Local includes public service employees who work in social services, the New York City Housing Authority, the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation, district attorneys’ offices, community planning boards and borough presidents’ offices.  We believe that Ms. Frontus will best represent our interests when she gets to Albany given her long career in human and social services and her demonstrated commitment to advocating for the people of her community"


 --Anthony Wells, President

    Social Service Employees Union Local 371

    District Council 37, AFSCME, AFL-CIO

Fujian Consolidated Benevolent Association

New York Chong Zheng Chinese Community Federation Association

“I started LEAP Forward with a simple idea: that our citizens should be safe from the irresponsible and reckless use of firearms and that every candidate for public office should make this issue a key part of their campaign. Fortunately, candidates like Mathylde Frontus understand that this is a political problem that must be solved by our politicians. Mathylde has seen first hand what gun violence does to a community, and her efforts to make her neighborhood safer has prepared her to be a strong voice for gun safety voters in Albany. I am happy to endorse her candidacy.”

- Charles Yeganian, Founder of Leap Forward

"It with great pleasure that we endorse Mathylde Frontus for the 46th Assembly District in Southwest Brooklyn.  We are impressed by her long record of service in the district and her commitment to educating her community and university students about disability rights. We know that she will be a fierce advocate for the disability rights movement and look forward to working with her when she gets to Albany, where her refreshing and enlightening leadership is much needed."

--Michael J. Schweinsburg, President 504 Democratic Club



Cathryn Giuffre

Jeannie May

Sally Mcmahon

"This seat is important, as we currently do not have anyone in Albany advocating for us. It can be argued we haven't had someone truly representing us for years. This stops now. Pushing a wholly unqualified candidate who cannot articulate ideas to people is an affront to all of us who crave leaders who have a BASIC understanding of the needs of their district.


Fortunately, we have a Democratic candidate who far surpasses what we would want or expect — Mathylde Frontus.


She didn't just show up to run for this seat, she has been in the community her entire life, working towards actionable solutions to help her fellow neighbors. I've sat with her at length, spoken about the district — and how to balance the two 'sides' of Bay Ridge/ Dyker Heights with the interests of Coney Island, Seagate and Brighton Beach. I'm convinced she is here for all the right reasons, and has boots on the ground throughout the community, doing the work of a true candidate.


I wholeheartedly endorse Mathylde Frontus For NYS Assembly, and I encourage everyone in our district to check her out. You can, because she actually wants people to know about her policies, background, and to connect with constituents."

                                 - Michael De Cillis


Pat O'Brien

Ronald Stewart

Jamal Sawaid

Valeria P.

Richard Howard

Caroline "Sunshine" Sinclair

Vic Quinones

Eric "Aziz" Coleman

Valerie Patterson

Ramon Guadalupe

Bonnie Kong

Elizabeth Flores

Marion Kennedy

Deidre King

Other Supporters

Victoria Lynch, President, Site 8, NYCHA


Betty Mayo, Vice President, Site 8, NYCHA


Pastor Anthony Jones, Greater Works Ministries


Pastor Gladys Murphy, Coney Island resident

Pastor Stephen Trainer, Coney Island resident


Marion Kennedy, People for Political and Economic Empowerment


Jose Gonzales, Community activist


Yvonne Mayo, Seaberry Homeowners Association


Trevor Mangaroo, Small business owner


Rhonda Brown-Moore, Small business owner

Astrudge McLean, community activist; television producer


Victor Quinones, Community board member


Ali King, Community activist


Sophia Williams, Community activist

Lezone Ghee

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