Covid-19 Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on New York and the 46th Assembly District will be long lasting. However, Mathylde is working tirelessly to provide relief to New York  residents. When the Trump administration botched the nation-wide response, Mathylde, alongside her Assembly and Senate colleagues, took the lead in supporting residents, small businesses, those who are sick, and those who have lost their jobs. The state relief packages are just the start of Mathylde’s long-term efforts to make sure our community emerges from COVID-19 stronger and more unified.

Workers Rights + Economic Mobility

Mathylde Frontus has passed bills to guarantee employees are notified of workplace hazards and force employers to be more transparent about the hiring process and wage expectations to ensure an equitable hiring process. 


She is continuing to fight for our state’s workers by ensuring job training programs, new industries, and small businesses are getting the full support they need. Mathylde is a staunch advocate for free tuition at our public colleges for our frontline workers because she believes those who are keeping us safe and healthy deserves a quality education and access to professional resources without the burden of student debt.

Community Inclusion & Engagement in Government

Mathylde understands that transparency and engagement are the cornerstones of a responsive government. Mathylde has worked to pass legislation guaranteeing city residents access to all public meetings and hearings by requiring live streams and recordings. She has also introduced a bill to provide easy online access to view which organizations and services state legislators are funding.

Mental Health

From her time heading a non-profit providing social and mental health services in Coney Island, to her leadership as our district’s Assemblymember, Mathylde Frontus has always prioritized mental health.

She passed legislation to ensure city schools provide mental health services to our students amd require  mental health professionals to complete suicide prevention training. She will continue to prioritize mental health services as she knows her community and New York as a whole need significantly more access to affordable, quality mental health services.