​Mathylde Frontus is the current Assemblymember for the 46th Assembly District (2018- present). She is a community organizer, leader, activist, public servant and educator. A first-generation American born to Caribbean immigrants, Mathylde moved to Coney Island 37 years ago when her parents purchased their first home.

Before announcing her run for the New York State Assembly in 2018, Mathylde had already spent almost 30 years involved in various community service initiatives.  Her activism began as a student attending Edward R. Murrow High School where she was very active in the school's founding chapter of Council for Unity (CFU), a nonprofit organization focused on racial tolerance and diversity awareness. As an undergraduate student at NYU, Mathylde founded a chapter of Council for Unity on campus and together with an executive committee of fellow students organized a number of events to help ease divisions between different groups. Additionally, she served on the NYU President's C-team, a group of dedicated student volunteers. As a member of the group, Mathylde volunteered countless hours of community service by tutoring teen mothers, providing classroom support at local day care centers and serving food at the university soup kitchen.


Growing up in Coney Island, Mathylde spent every weekend along her siblings serving the homeless at a local church soup kitchen. In her twenties and thirties, she founded multiple organizations which would touch the lives of thousands of local residents including Urban Neighborhood Services, the Coney Island Coalition Against Violence, the Coney Island Anti-Violence Collaborative.  She was a co-founder of the People's Coalition for Coney Island, a resident-led group which fought for Coney Island's fair share of Sandy recovery. As a visionary community leader Mathylde served as the architect of an array of innovate programming such as the veterans outreach project, LGBTQ safe zone and youth leadership/ college prep projects which included free college trips and SAT prep courses for hundreds of low-income students, the anti-violence academy and the Coney Island Step-up Project.


Mathylde spent several years serving on multiple local advisory boards such as the Community Advisory Board (CAB) of Coney Island Hospital, the Community Learning Schools Advisory Board for P.S. 188 and 60th Precinct Community Council where she served as the secretary. For over five years, Mathylde provided consulting services to several nonprofit organizations in Coney Island such as JCCGCI, Hearthshare Human Services and the YWCA of NYC. During her tenure she spent years providing youth leadership development and mental health services to K-12 students at various schools across Southern Brooklyn including P.S. 288, P.S. 329, Abraham Lincoln High School and I.S. 259 William McKinley in Bay Ridge.

As a newly elected Assemblymember for the last four years, Mathylde has continued serving her community and the entire district with distinction. She continues to introduce legislation and bring funding to her Southern Brooklyn communities, all while being on the ground and fighting alongside her neighbors. She provides guidance and advisement to local groups such as the Coney Island Clergy Coalition, the Coney Islanders for an Ocean Side Ferry and many others.

Mathylde has a Ph.D. from Columbia University and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the NYU and Columbia Schools of Social Work where she teaches several courses --some of which she designed--including Advocacy and Social Justice, Stigma and Mental Health, Social Welfare Policy and Political Social Work for Advocacy and Social Change.